Introduction to The Way of Perfection

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The Sayings of Melchizedek provide what is effectively a guidebook for teachers of the Way of Perfection. However, as such it is very different from the many other works on this subject, unlike which it takes a complete overview of  the Journey of the Human Spirit

Because many Christian sects do not accept the doctrine of Reincarnation, most Christian works on the subject address it only from the point of view of a single earth life, and so do not explain why it is that so many souls have little or no interest in the Path at all. This does.

According the “The Lost Wisdom of Melchizedek” by John Ward and John Cuffe, on which this Commentary is based, the average human spirit spends about twenty lives on earth, during some of which it makes spiritual progress, whilst in others it turns away from the Goal.

The Sayings of Melchizedek takes this into account, considering the many different types of human beings and the different stages on the Path that they have reached. It provides advice at all levels and considers what Christ calls the Strait and Narrow Way in some detail.

Broadly-speaking it examines the Twin Laws of God, The Law of Karma and the Law of Love, and demonstrates how they interact and the ways that they apply to individuals in many different situations. Perhaps in its own time the Sayings of Melchizadek might have been called


This title has been used by many mystical writers in the centuries since that time, most notably by St Therese of Avila, whose little book “The Way of Perfecion” has served as a reference point for the earnest Christian seeker for more than 400 years.

The Sayings of Mechizedek, however are ten times as ancient, and and are equally applicable to non-Christians as well. They also cover a much wider range of subjects – largely because they approach the subject with a knowledge of Reincarnation.

If this translation can also be called The Way of Perfecion, it is an account that describes the story of the spirit from its first entry into the human state till the point, many incarnations later, when it ends its round of mortal incarnations.

It provides sound spiritual advice for these advanced  spirits, but because it also recognises that no one can complete the journey without paying is debt to the human race, it also provides advice for those whose task it is to try to lead even the most primitive souls a little closer to the Goal.

Of necessity many of the Sayings of Melchizedek are brief and concise, and the whole provides no more than an outline of what Christians call the Path of Perfection.

Therefore this website also seeks to provide the Seeker with more detailed information and in order to explain the Way of Perfecion in more detail and more modern language an explanatory Commentary is also provided in the remainder of this website.

Each succeeding Webpage includes one chapter of the Sayings of Melchizedek set out side by side with an explanatory Commentary, expanding and clarifying the original text. It makes use of the varying exact shades of meaning and idiom that are sometimes to be found in the Hebrew original, and also refers to the later teachings of Jesus Christ and his Apostles on the same subject.

This Commentary is available for purchase in hardcopy, but is also presented in full on this website;

To go to the first chapter Please click The Appointed Path for Man on Earth

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